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Strategy Project Management

We offer end to end strategic solutions for commercial project management. Professional Construction management and Project management.

Reliable Construction Performance

Embrace the best development practices with proven reliable results.

Residential Project Management

Residential project management with quality guarantees. Project managers specialising in Residential Project management.

Commercial Project Management

Commercial project management experience.

Construction Development Management

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Commercial Project Management

Aurora Pacific is a Brisbane based project management firm specialising in construction projects. Offering the services of a development project manager, a construction project manager, commercial development manager and construction development manager all in one, Aurora Pacific has already made a name for itself as an industry leading project management firm focused on construction. Each development project manager working with the company has a long track record of success, either as a development project manager or in other aligned fields the project management firm focuses on. These include performing roles as a construction project manager, a commercial development manager or construction development manager. Ask their project management firm team about the projects that have run throughout Brisbane, South east Queensland and right around the country.

Construction Management

Operating primarily in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and in the Asia Pacific region, Aurora Pacific is a project management firm that focuses on major development projects across the region, with a special focus on large scale residential, commercial, industrial, retail and specialist projects. If you have a major project in the Brisbane area, Aurora Pacific may well be the top project management firm and can quickly and easily bring on to fulfil the roles you require for a development project manager, construction project manager, commercial development manager or construction development manager. You’ll be working with professionals who take a vested interest in completing your project on time and on budget.

Construction Project Management

The construction development manager, commercial development manager, construction project manager or development project managers working with Aurora Pacific have property development industry leading experience of 25 years and have a QBCC “Open Class” builders licence and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management and are members of the Australian Institute of Project Managers. When you work with our construction project manager, commercial development manager or construction development manager, you’ll quickly be impressed with the attention to detail, people management skills and genuine intent to save your organisation time and money.

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Development Project Management

If you have a major development project proposed,  to be built in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia, call Aurora Pacific today to see what we can do for you and your company. Aurora Pacific’s development management team have master planning and front end experience to plan, design, and deliver your project from start to finish no matter how complex.  Aurora Pacific is the construction project management firm that specialises in streamlining your logistical operations whilst unifying the work force on your major construction projects. So if you are ready to take advantage of the market in the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne industrial, commercial and residential apartment boom, and you want to stop the waste and improve your efficiency’s, call us today.

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Aurora Pacific Project Management

Are you looking for experienced project management consultants for your major construction project in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne? Aurora Pacific may well be the answer. Their team of professionals are known for taking ownership of their projects and running them like they were their own. That means paying attention to the detail so the job is done right, sequencing construction tasks for total efficiency, making best uses of the available resources.

It can be a real challenge to find a commercially effective retail project manager to handle your big projects. Especially when you’re after the know how to implement proven systems to beat budgets and production schedules. The great thing is that you can have it all when you work with Aurora Pacific’s professional project management consultants who have seen it all before. Whether it is a casino, an apartment building or an industrial complex, you want the finest project management consultants on hand to drive your construction dollar further.

For those who are looking for reliable Queensland project management consultants Brisbane based specialists are available to slot into your team. Whether you are finalising residential apartments near Southbank or starting a commercial project on the north side, let us know your project requirements so we can find the right project project manager to hit your budgets.

If you have a major Victorian project underway and you’re looking for experienced project management consultants Melbourne based experts can step in to take control. From Portside projects to commercial zones in Geelong, we can put the right person on the ground to lead the way.

Similarly if your NSW construction project needs attention and you require experienced project management consultants Sydney based professionals are just a phone call away. From the beaches to Penrith in the west and all construction projects in between, Aurora Pacific matches the right project manager to improve productivity.

When you speak to project management consultants Brisbane is home to or project management consultants Sydney is home to, you will know experience matters. This is why clients prefer to go with the finest project management consultants Melbourne provides.

No matter where your project requires attention with project management consultants Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne based professionals can come onboard to deliver –

  • Years of Experience
  • The value is unbeatable.
  • Full Customization of Project
  • Uncompromising quality

For more information, please call and speak with the finest project management consultants in Australia as soon as possible. Your retail project manager can be onboard in no time to keep your project moving. Set up a meeting with the best project management consultants Brisbane offers and know you are on the right path.

Aurora Pacific is a highly experienced leading construction project management firm with vast experience in large scale residential, commercial, industrial, retail and other specialist, construction project management projects in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast Townsville, Mackay, Australia and The Solomon Islands.

Project Management Consultants in Melbourne. Aurora Pacific Project management offers the best Project Management Consultants Melbourne for perfect Project management.

Aurora Pacific Project Management offers Australian cities Development Project Management. Brisbane Development Managers, Sydney Project Managers, Melbourne Project Managers. We offer a Development Project Management for any commercial project.

When looking for a professional Commercial project management firm, Aurora Pacific, commercial project management can offer results. Commercial project management in Brisbane.

Aurora Pacific offers Retail Project Manager options when needing Retail Project Managers Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Queensland.

When looking for a Construction management Firm Brisbane or a construction management firm Sydney, a construction management firm Melbourne, or a construction management company anywhere in Australia, Aurora Pacific are the best construction management in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold coast. The Construction management firm for serious construction management jobs in Australia.

Aurora Pacific’s Managing Director, Simon McGuire with 25 years experience has had a unique grounding in property development through Design, Constructions, Retail Project Manager, Retail Project Management, Management, Commercial Project Management, Project Management and Development Management on large scale landmark projects worth billions in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and The Solomon Islands. With years of experience in project management roles at some of Australia’s best public and private project management companies like Watpac Australia, FKP Australia and Meridien, Simon McGuire is focused on strategic diversified growth of high quality, high demand, high return property.

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